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“Stories From Poe” film screening is appropriate for middle and high school students.  The project was filmed in Tennessee.  It is a dramatization of some of the most well-known works by Edgar Allan Poe, the master of suspense and horror.  The production brings to life “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Cask of Amontillado”, “The Premature Burial” and “The Raven”.  Between stories in the film, Poe talks about his personal life and dreams; and the influence these had on his writing.  The 90-minute presentation will be followed by a "Question and Answer" session with the director and producer on the life and works of Edgar Allan Poe, as well as, the filmmaking process.

Dates:  September 17, 2018– May 31, 2019
Time:  during school hours
Location:  various venues
Cost:  $8 per student
Performance Length:  90 minutes
Suitable for Grades:  Grade 7 – Grade 12




“The Bell Folklore ” film screening is appropriate for middle and high school students.  The project was filmed in Tennessee.  It is a dramatization based on the famous events that happened to the John Bell family in Adams, Tennessee between 1817 and 1821.  The legend is part of Tennessee history and studied in local history and literature classes.  The 90-minute presentation will be followed by a "Question and Answer" session with director and producer on this fascinating story, as well as, the filmmaking process.


Dates:  September 17, 2017– May 31, 2018
Time:  during school hours
Location:  various venues
Cost:  $8 per student
Performance Length:  90 minutes
Suitable for Grades:  Grade 7 – Grade 12




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For more information email us at TnTheatreCompany@aol.com or call (615) 712-8142.


What people are saying about the Tennessee Theatre Company's

"Stories from Poe" and "Bell Witch" films:


"Stories from Poe"


“The film was great. I loved how the tone of the movie so depicted Poe’s tone!”
- Mrs. Hawkins, Grassland Middle School –


“Each story was a good length and the characters were realistic for the students to understand. Great job!”
- Mrs. Sinor, Central Middle School -


“Your Poe film was extremely entertaining and well done. Bravo! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the films that have come from your company!”
- Steve Dryden -


“We liked the question and answer after the production. Great job! Everyone enjoyed it!”

- Schmodt, Portland Middle School -


“I previewed the film Wednesday evening, it's great! I plan to bring my students Friday. I told the other teachers about it. I think it's a treasure!”
- Joan Witherspoon –


“We enjoyed getting to meet the actor and producer at the end. Great production!”

- Mrs. Heim. Central Middle School –


“The movie helped bring the characters to life for the students and gave them a greater understanding and interest in the stories. What a great way for us to spend Halloween! Thank you!”
- Mrs. Clark, Stratton High School –


“We had an amazing time at the movie. Our experience was wonderful. Keep making movies that are exciting and interesting for our children.”

- Missy Glasner, Portland Middle School -


“Ric White breaks 70+ years of cinematic tradition by presenting four screen adaptations so faithful that they use Poe's text word for word. The film presents four stories--"Premature Burial", "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Cask of Amontillado" and "The Raven", interspersed and framed with quotes from Poe intended to shed light on why he might have written the story in question... Ric White has created a film that lovers of Edgar Allan Poe's work definitely need to check out. Film lovers in general will also find much to enjoy here.”
- Steve Miller, Rotten Tomatoes –
“I teach freshman English and we study Poe for approximately four weeks. I have been unable to find any films that remain true to Poe’s original stories. Thank you for making this film!”
- Mrs. Glenn, AVID, English teacher -


“The students liked “The Premature Burial” and question and answer follow-up.  Fantastic!

- Mrs. Sanford, Central Middle School -


“I teach English in Middle School. I wanted to let you know that our students LOVED your film. We watched the tales after reading them. My students wanted me to contact you to request that you make "The Pit and the Pendulum" and "The Black Cat" into films. Thank you.”
- Donna Shafer -


“I teach literature to college freshman and Poe is one of my
favorite authors to teach. This film has provided a rich enhancement
to my course. Thank you.”
- Mrs. Cid –


“We enjoyed the film. The question and answer was wonderful.”

- M. Taylor, Cheatham Middle School -


“Thank you so much. The film was great; and it even received greater reviews as we discussed it in class. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your hard work and how you brought the literature to life for the students.”
- Judy Hawkins -


“This was a great way to spend Halloween!”

- Mrs. Clark, Central Middle School -


“We enjoyed at the theater and would come again. Keep us informed. We greatly appreciate it!”

- Coppertown Middle School -


“We enjoyed it very much!”

- Mrs. Brown, Donelson Middle School -



 "The Bell Folklore "

"Thank you so much for the show yesterday. I thought the movie was wonderful! The kids were scared senseless! I had never heard the whole story and it was very enlightening to see it portrayed so masterfully. The witch is part of our Tennessee history and you have preserved it very well."

- A. Porter –


“The students liked the “suspense” vibe and the humor of the film. It was great! We loved it!”

- Graves, Portland Middle School -


"I went to see the movie yesterday. What a great film! The acting was superb and you really brought the story to life."

- B. Kelly –


"...Whether you are a Bell Witch expert, novice or armchair historian, I think you will enjoy and learn from this film. I highly recommend that you go see it… you will probably want to watch it again and again."

- Pat Fitzhugh, Bell Witch author and historian –


"My name is Chris Kirby and I am the owner of the Bell Witch Cave. I went today along with several friends to see the movie. I just wanted to congratulate you on a job very well done. Everyone in my group really enjoyed the movie. Thanks for your effort in bringing the story of the Bell Witch to life."

- Chris Kirby, Owner Bell Witch Cave –


“This film was very interesting to me because I grew up in Robertson County and have learned about the Bell Witch my whole life. I loved it. Let us know about future productions.”

- Hesselbacher, Cheatham Middle School -


"I give Mr. Ric White a two thumbs up for staying true to the story. I have heard a lot of ghost stories and most sound alike, just in a different place with different people involved, but this is the single most unique and mystifying one that I have ever heard. Very entertaining!"

- W. Radebaugh –


“What a great film! The story, the acting, the costumes - everything was so real. It was fascinating, scary, dramatic, funny and historical all at the same time. I’m telling everyone I know to see it!”
- G. Helton –


“The students liked that the film was based on actual events and that it was not a documentary. Keep us informed of other productions in the future. We enjoyed this immensely!”

- Mrs. Heflin, Cheatham County Middle School -


"Not only was the movie a real chiller, I felt almost like a character in the movie myself.  These were real people and I felt the actors did a wonderful job keeping them real.  That is what I guess sums up the movie for me - it is so very real.  And that realism is what made the movie so chilling."

- T. Gutz –


“It was a great trip that fits in with several academic connections – American history, culture, Salem Witch Trials.”

- M. Sender, Donelson Middle School -


"Now this is the haunting time of the year. My daughter and I both like to have the bejeebies scared out of us. Although I've seen scarier movies, the fact that this was a true haunting, made it a totally awesome movie. It really sparks your curiosity and leaves you with a few un-answered questions to solve. A great movie and I hope more American ghost and haunting stories are made into movies such as this."

- Terry Roller (7th Va.) –


“The movie is great!! Thank you. My hometown is Clarksville, TN. I’m glad to finally see some of the history of the Bell Witch on film. It’s great!!!!! Thanks!!!”
- Kim –


"I just wanted to let everyone know that the Bell Witch Haunting movie was awesome!!!!!!! I LOVED it. I had known a little about the Bell Witch, but not very much. This movie told a lot and inspired me to research more. Thank you all for such a great movie!!!!"
- Heather Doud –


"I watched the Bell Witch film last night. I was very impressed with every single aspect of it. The actors are very talented and there aren’t any "famous" actors out there that could have done any better. The story was told very, very well. Libraries should be proud to have such a historic masterpiece in their collection. Thank you very much!"
- Tina Fairchild –


“The students liked being on the edge of their seats; we enjoyed relating the movie back to our class discussions on the topic.”

- D. Richardson -


"I had read several articles and a book about the Bell Witch and was skeptical about the movie as these movie dramatizations are always so fictionalized and made so completely "out there". What a pleasant surprise to find a film which was not only free of exaggeration, but told such an accurate recounting that you felt you were there. The cast made the family real and the voice-over filled the gaps so that if the viewer to this film was new to the tale, he wouldn't be lost. Thank you for telling this story."
- Francine Carr –


"I compared your film to An American Haunting on the “Coast To Coast” radio show last night and said that your interpretation was far more accurate and a far better production--in spite of the Hollywood treatment and Spacek and Sutherland."

- Brad Steiger, author –


"When dealing with the paranormal, the most important thing to convey is the truth. Too many take liberties with paranormal events, exaggerating them when the fact that they even occurred to begin with should be enough. Your Bell Witch film is unique in the way it sticks to the facts and relies on the truth to provide the chills--and it delivers! This isn't a "horror film"...it's a historical re-enactment of actual events that happened to actual people; and it so happens, it will actually make you sleep with the light on! Bravo to Ric and Linda and their wonderful cast and crew for getting it right."
- Tim Weisberg, "Spooky Southcoast" radio show -


"The movie was outstanding. I was quite impressed by the quality of the direction and the acting; as well as, the attention to detail regarding the period (sets, costumes, etc). Mister White is truly a Renaissance man and the rest of the dedicated cast and crew deserve high praise as well. I'm somewhat familiar with the legend of the Bell Witch and was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the screenplay. I am looking forward to more films in the future!!"
- Dennis Jones -


"This is a story that should have been captured in film a long time ago. Thank you for having the insight to do so. You have done an excellent job of staying true to the story. This is truly one of the best stories ever told and I cherish the fact that I can now view it and share it with others. I grew up in neighboring Cheatham County and recall having the book and hearing the tales as a young boy and later on in years. I actually visited the farm and cave and had the opportunity to sit with Mr. Eden as he told me tales that sent goose bumps all over me. Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment to the excellence of this movie. I'm 51 yrs. of age now and you have brought those goose bumps back once again. Thank you!!!!!"
- Mike Berlin –


“We felt so fortunate the director and producer were there! It was Great!”

- Mrs. Hawkins, Grassland Middle School -


"I just want to let you know after watching your film recently and after watching "An American Haunting" in the local theater last night, I can say with certainty that your version of the story was much better. Your movie is more factual, more believable and offers much more detail about the story but is not overdone. I enjoyed the storyline of your movie more."
- Gary Bell (Somewhat distant relative of John Bell) -


"I've been meaning to write you for sometime ... I saw the Bell Witch film and loved every minute of it. Masterful job! The whole thing was mesmerizing and engaging. And now I'm equally excited to see Poe. Keep up the good work!!”
- Michael Clinkenbeard -


"I'm a big fan of your work and have seen both of your films, which I found extremely entertaining and very well done. Bravo! The period piece and especially the wardrobe and costumes in your version were all top notch. I hope that you have something else coming up, as I have thoroughly enjoyed your work."
- Steve Dryden -


"I saw the movie this morning, great job! I enjoyed it. I liked it better then American Haunting. That one just didn’t explain the story right, like this one did ..thanks."
- Bob Williams -


"Thank you...thank you...thank you. Thank you so much for making this movie.”
- Christine Tartt –


“It was awesome and well put together. We had a great time!”

- Mrs. Gibbs, CMS -


“The movie held the attention of our students and did not scare them.”

- Sims, Portland Middle School -


"I saw the film and thought it was very true to the Bell Witch Story that I've read and grew up hearing being from Tennessee. This movie was way better than the current movie out on the Big Screen "American Haunting". They left out so many details and tid bits. It has nothing on your film. Thanks."
- Donna Tokarski -







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