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Little Red Riding Hood & the Three Little Pigs


Let us enlighten your students' imaginations as Little Red Riding Hood starts on an adventure when she is sent by her mother to deliver some goodies to sick Grandma. Upon arriving, she discovers that her beloved grandmother looks oddly like the sly wolf she met along the way. Fortunately, a woodsman passes by just in time to save Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma! After the funny but hungry Big Bad Wolf is chased away, he happens across three little pigs trying to find their way in the world. All sorts of humorous lessons are learned when we add in Little Bo Peep looking for her sheep and Jack of the beanstalk running from a giant.

See what happens as these classic characters teach your students about teamwork, friendship, not straying from the path or talking to strangers, a job worth doing is worth doing well and other valuable lessons. This interactive program between actors and students Complements English/Language Arts, Creative Arts, Theatre Arts, Fine Arts and Head Start curriculum Standards. Join us as we provide memorable lessons, wit, humor, moral insight and playful delights for your students!



  Dates: Feb. 1 – April 5, 2024

  Time:  during school hours

  Location:  various venues

  Length:  55 minutes




"Three Little Pigs "
Grimm Brothers
"Little Red Riding Hood "





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What teachers and principals are saying about theTennessee Theatre Company touring productions:


“The play was very child friendly and interactive. Great experience!”

- Michelle Atkinson, Centerville Elementary –


“The humor was understood and enjoyed by teachers, as well as students! The storyline kept moving, which held the students’ attention. The kids loved it!”

- Jodie Choate, Kristle Elementary –


“The students enjoyed the personalities of the characters and costumes. Super Job! Please come back, it was a great experience for our students.”

- V. Seraphine, Bethesda Elementary –


“We liked the actors ability to connect with the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Thank you for taking such care in your preparation.”

- Mrs. Catignani, Stanford Montessori –


“It was the best program I have seen in a long time at school.”

- Mrs. Tipton, East Hickman Elementary –


“The children thought the production was very funny. They liked the set and the costumes. We appreciate the efforts made by the TN Theater Company. The students, as well as, the

teachers thoroughly enjoyed the play.”

- Becky Anderson, Assistant Principle Lynchburg Elementary –


“The students loved the play. They enjoyed the humor and liked being in close contact with the actors. Great job and costumes.”

- Kincaid, W. A. Wright Elementary –


“The students enjoyed the humor and making Aesop one of the characters in order to share information. And we liked not having to board a bus. The actors appeared to enjoy their roles. This was the first “staged” production that has come to our school. Before attending the performance the class visualized the cafeteria as a stage. Your presentation (props, lights) surprised all the students; great job in adapting your performance to different settings.”

- M. McGovern, Cole Elementary –


“Wonderful play! Very funny. We laughed until we cried.”

- J. Partlow, West Cheatham Elementary –


“The students liked the chasing and action. You did a great job! We have gone back and read the fables.”

- Susan Griffin, Centerville Elementary –


“Excellent show! We loved it!”

- Melanie Childs, Rosebank Elementary –


“Mr. Cricket was a big hit! The students loved the squeaky legs! They loved Pinocchio, Geppetto and the Blue Fairy, too. You all related to the whole audience… young and old. Thanks for sharing your talents with us!”

- Layna McCarkle, Howard Elementary –


“The students enjoyed the humor and “big stage” in our “normal” gym. Thank you very much for doing these “on the road” performances. Our students have little or no opportunities for drama (or any fine arts); 90% of them will never experience live theater.”

- Lisa Cobb, Principle Westside Elementary –


“The students loved the drama. And the costumes were wonderful! Great job!”

- Duffer, Westmoreland Elementary –


“The children loved the way the actors got into their characters. Tortoise and Hare were the best. The action really held their attention. Great scenery.”

- Sharron Hofer, Lynchburg Elementary –


“My students and I really enjoyed the humor in each play. I thought the actors and actresses did a great job. Keep up the great work!”

- Hawthorne, Cole Elementary –


“You were awesome! Thank you for making me smile and laugh and enjoy my time with the kids doing the same.”

- Mrs. Tuggle, Rutland Elementary -


“The background and the costumes were the best! The actors spoke clearly and could be understood quite well. We look forward to the performance every year!”

- P. Williams, Westside Elementary –


“It was great! The students enjoyed watching the Fisherman’s Wife. They also thought Repunzel was very funny! Excellent performance!”

- Miss. Thomas, J. E. Woodard Elementary –


“The students liked all the action in the play, especially Rumpelstiltskin and his comments/action. We would have liked to have seen more since we enjoyed the performance. Keep up the great work.”

- Jennifer Jenkins, Carroll-Oakland Elementary -


“The students liked the colorful background and costumes. They loved the characters – especially the Prince Charmings! They enjoyed it all! Great job!”

- Byrom, Lynchburg Elementary –


“The characters were very animated. This is what held my students attention.”

- Clauer, Tom Joy Elementary –


“The students loved the actors. They thought that they were all very funny. It was great!”

- Mrs. Lowery, Lewis County Elementary –



“The actors related personally with the audience – we felt a part of the presentation. The costumes and backdrop were great.”

- Sue Smartt, W. A. Wright Elementary –



The Tortoise and the Hare were the students’ favorites; they talked about the Tortoise for days. I thought it was a super program and the students really enjoyed it.”

- Sharla Brattan, College Grove Elementary –



“The best part of the play was the comedy that was added to a previously known story. You were extremely funny and appropriate for my students age group! They were extremely involved and their attention was continually on the play!”

- H. Davis, J. E. Moss Elementary -



“Thank you so much for coming to our school to educate and entertain our students.”

- Sandy Qualls, Centerville Elementary –



“Our students liked the modern humor and you were good at explaining things to kids. I thought it was great!”

- Mrs. Dickson, Bethesda Elementary –



“Our students rarely go out to see a play and need the culture only plays can provide. You are a talented group of actors that had our students “spellbound”. You offered them such a good moral story, yet did it in a way using humor and drama as only actors can do. Please note your performance was most appreciated. We welcome you back at any time.”

- Anita Christian, Principal Watertown Elementary –



“The actors were great and spoke well. My students loved all the fun characters. They were glued to the action.”

- Cindy Pulley, Dekalb West Elementary –



“Great job. Thank you for sharing your talents with our students.”

- Adams, East Chatham Elementary –



“Hope to have your company back to entertain out students next year. Great job!”

- D. Gallivan, Kristle Elementary –



Tennessee Theatre Company touring and in-school student productions





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